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IIoT potential

“People act before problems arise.”

The potential of the Industrial Internet of Things

Some see it as a promising future, others regard it as an empty buzzword: the internet of things for the industry. In private life the benefit of self-communicating machines makes sense. If a sensor realizes that the meadows are too dry they control the watering system or the mowing robot for too high grass.

The main benefits of the Industrial Internet of Things are the higher degree of automation and knowledge. Ease of use is increasing and with predictive maintenance responsible persons act before problems arise. Both facts mean enormous cost savings.

What is the point for the industry when smart sensors communicate with each other?

  • With exact real-time data the sensors expose inefficiencies directly and turn them off.
  • A real predictive maintenance becomes reality: preventive measures cost time and money. Apps calculate when maintenance dates really are necessary and actively remind the staff.
  • Self-diagnostic sensors show how healthy they are. Field work becomes easy to control and predict.
  • Big data of device and process parameters provide important insights to enable clever decisions about potential process optimizations.

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